Dottie Andersson

Picture-perfect, smooth pop is the opposite of what Dottie stands for. Her weekday breakfast consists of a large can of Monster-Energy, which is a good example for the energy she creates in her songs: To not take yourself too seriously, to have a grand plan, to do everything differently compared to a mere mortal.
In her lyrics, Dottie describes pitfalls alternating with high highs turning life into a rollercoaster. Always online, never less than 15 stories on Instagram, always ironic while emotions are always around the next corner.

Dottie grew up in a musical family, studied drums (what else?) and was part of the band Ason, alongside her three younger sisters, playing support shows for Milow and Matt Simons among numerous festival shows. Now, she has found her own sound, influenced by acts like Veronica Maggio, Bon Iver, Caroline Polachek or Phoebe Bridgers and displaying real attitude and a (very Swedish) sense for pop melodies among electronic and indie elements. A sound that holds the potential of captivating Indie-Nerds and Pop-Maniacs alike. Dottie shares, “It's finally the music I wanna make, music that comes directly from my Swedish veins and that is authentically me. This first EP is like breaking loose from a kind of chain that's been holding me the past couple of years.”

Dottie Andersson is a songwriter from Småland, Sweden. And soon a whole lot of people will know.